Salut buys emergency medical supplies for 29.6 million

Image of sanitary material that has arrived in the Balearic Islands to deal with the coronavirus.

The Consell de Govern has been informed of the emergency contracting of sanitary material by the Health Service for a value of 29,603,182 euros to allocate it to deal with COVID-19.

The regional executive buys materials for the protection of health personnel and for the reinforcement of cleaning and surveillance services and the fleet of 061 vehicles, as well as technological material to ensure assistance to intensive care units, the spokesperson has detailed. , Pilar Costa.

Since March 18, the Health Service has contracted six flights to transport goods from the Chinese cities of Ningbo and Shanghai, worth 3,225,374 euros.

It has purchased 1,480,600 masks protective FFP2 the company and management solutions support companies worth 3,701,500 euros; and to the company Asia Manufacturer Supply Ldt, for 9,449,153 euros 252,500 cytostatic gowns , 400,000 isolation gowns, 80,000 ffp2 protection masks, 8,300,000 nitrile gloves, 400,000 aprons, 77,588 overalls, 4,000,000 surgical masks and 80,000 swabs. sample collection.

From the Tyrval Import Export company, the Health Service has purchased, for 4,536,600 euros, 5,000,000 surgical masks, 60,000 ffp2 protection masks, 100,000 ffp3 protection masks, 6,000,000 nitrile gloves and 2,000 thermometers.

The Health Service, at the same time, acquired 5,000,000 protective masks from the company Hartrod Shanghai Solutions Co for 1,870,000. It also bought Rayan Holdins Ldt.Pte, for a value of 6,051,220 euros, 110,000 glasses. protection , 60,000 goggles, 3,000,000 gloves, 5,000,000 surgical masks.

In addition, the Health Service has made requests to regular providers to purchase portable equipment to access patients’ medical records and provide home care.

Likewise, it has expanded the number of licenses for remote control and management of the devices, has acquired humidifiers and has contracted the disinfection service for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in health facilities.

News taken of: Ultima Hora