How a hotel becomes ‘Covid-free’

International chains with establishments in China already apply the security measures that are being prepared in Spain

Health protection has become the new tourist requirement and claim. A preview of what will come after the pandemic is seen in the chains that operate in China. There they have had to modify their processes and apply the new security measures recommended by the World Health Organization and local authorities in record time to convert hotels into Covid-19 free spaces.

Simply beautiful decor or good customer service is no longer enough. Now the hotels have to be almost aseptic spaces and they seek advice in the world of medicine and science. This is the case, for example, of Marriot International, which in Spain operates AC, W or Arts hotels. The group has set up a kind of cleaning cabinet to promote hygiene measures in all its accommodations, which will also be adapted to the regulations of each country.


Less furniture, more space and hospital cleaners to ensure disinfection

This board is chaired by Ray Bennett, the group’s global director of operations, and has appointed advisors to Ruth L. Petran, Ecolab scientist and food safety and public health expert, Michael A. Sauri, infectious disease specialist at Adventist Healthcare , or Randy Worobo, professor of
food microbiology in the Department of Food Science at Cornell University.

These Covid-free hotels use electrostatic sprays with hospital disinfectants to clean the surfaces of rooms, lobbies, gyms and other public areas.

Inside, signs will be seen from now on to remind guests to maintain social distance protocols. There will be less furniture in common areas and more space to reduce physical contact. The installation of partitions at reception desks, as is now the case in supermarkets, is also an option, in addition to equipping staff with masks and gloves. Customers can also choose to use their mobile phones to register at the hotel, access their rooms, make special requests and request room service, which will be specially packaged and delivered directly to the door of the room without physical contact .

In other words, it will be possible to stay in a hotel and be on vacation without having contact with practically anyone.

Note taken from: LAVANGUARDIA